Commercial Litigation

For many decades, the Commercial Litigation Department at Yaacov Salomon Lipchitz & Co. represents a variety of industrial and commercial entities, foreign clients and individuals, and takes an active part in several of the largest and most complex cases in the Israeli market in recent years including the Kishon River cases, the Carmel Fire disaster etc'.

The department vigorously, effectively and efficiently represents the Leumi group in hundreds of litigation cases in the banking field, and throughout the years gained many precedents and groundbreaking decisions that lead to changes in the legislation in the banking field as well as in other fields of practice.

The department has a wide range of clients, including leading banks, insurance companies, governmental and municipal entities, a variety of industrial and commercial entities, foreign clients and individuals with respect to a full spectrum of legal disputes, including complex, high profile disputes in a large variety of fields.

The department has vast experience and expertise extending to all varieties of legal disputes and administrative proceedings relating to banking and finance, commercial and business transactions, real estate, planning and construction laws and regulations, environmental law, public tenders, securities and corporate governance, partnerships, cooperative societies, employment and labor relations, torts and insurance, intellectual property and public and administrative law.

The department represents parties before all levels of the Israeli court system, including the Supreme Court (sitting as an Appeals Court or as the High Court of Justice), the Labor Courts, the Administrative Courts and the Municipal Courts, and before all other judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals in Israel, including all kinds of committees and commissions such as building and planning committees.